Flicormor is a consulting firm focused on the drawing-up and development of intentional trade strategies, co-working with our customers in an efficient setting-up and implementation of best practices on overseas markets.

Since its constitution in 2008, Flicormor has co-operated in its internationalisation process with customers from many different sectors, helping them to achieve their goals with regard to new trading strategies, opening new markets, new distribution channels, or the reinforcement of links with both customers and partners in overseas markets.

Our mission: To stablish an efficient teamwork atmosphere with our customers for the setting-up of new business practices bringing to the company an efficient management, open to new markets and opportunities from a global perspective.

At Flicormor, we collaborate closely with our customers in a practical, efficient and flexible way, searching for new opportunities at overseas markets, both at a sales/supplies level, finding new potential suppliers, setting up new Companies or new branches, searching for international partners and otherwise facilitating the creation of the necessary infrastructure and relationships to become established effectively in a new market.

Flicormor offers you a personal overseas market department which can provide you with the following services: